Finished with a 4pt major under Marcie Forrester at DCA region 1(Calif)
April 5, 1996
Ch Dominos Pumpkin Patch MWP ROM-my first pie wire champion and Register of Merit (rom) 
My first champion/the 
first Piebald Ch to 
achieve an ROM- one quality little dog regardless of the pattern or color.  All of the top piebald wire kennels  
have  my bloodlines behind them. The Nixon bloodlines come from a Geneticists/Breeder/
Judge that selected against problems for his entire life of breeding dachshunds (some 50-60 yrs) I rate his dogs like I would having Champions in my line. 
 ABS Dual Champion Dominos Lil Darcy V Duarts MWP ME- Darcy    (out of Cherry Wine MWcp above)     Received an Award of Merit in the field So Calif with me and several Absolute with her new owner in No Calif. She has several field champion get.
left: First Piebald tracking dog title 
Champion Domino Aces Cassandra MWP TD 
Ending with a 5pt major - WB/BW/BOS over specials first of May 2009.
 Also has 3pt & 5pt majors & Sept. 13/14 she went WB/BOS over specials for 2 pts, and WB for 1 pt.   Picture taken by Nancy Cook- Cassie owned and handled  by Nancy  Co-owned & bred by Dominos                       
 First CANADian  wire pie champion

AMCan Ch Dominos Sweet Magnola MWP- - I finished Maggie using Beth Helborn (a top canadian handler) -these pictures were taken with Beth handling Maggie in Canada. 

        One of maggies sisters is a ROMX ,  a top producer and a Junior Earthdog. 
    Ch Dominos Waylos Melody v Ynot MWP-        
 Melody's sire is Ch Dominos Lil Big Man MWP
reference Dominos Dachshunds
So Austin, Texas 
very Limited breeding
Wire/Long and Smooth

 AKC Registered DOMINOS
Miniature Champion Dachshunds
Ch Jeff MWcp 
Top producer 2004 (on the right)
Ch Dominos Cherry Wine MWcp  
She produced 3 champion get in one yr
                   handled by Lori Wilson 
finished with 4 majors
MY first Dual Ch  Dominos Piece of the Rock MWcp
 3rd champion for Pumpkin MWP  handled by Don Smith
    finished with 4 majors - Collected
Ch Dominos Ginger MWcp    Pumpkins 4th Champion get - all 4 were conformation Champions.
Ch Dominos Little Big Man MWcp handled by Don Smith
   5pt major       (out of Dual ch Piece of the Rock MWcp)
Dominos Dotty MWP. I plan on showing her but I am finishing her big sister Sophia first. out of Dominos Lil Lucy MWcp  New picture below right- very lovely although she needs to be groomed 
Ch Dominos Aces  Rusty MWcp TD sire of Lucy MWcp
                 never defeated in the ring- on the right
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I founded Dominos in 198 founded DominI founded Dominos in 198in 1989 in Puyallup, Wa. 

My dream was to breed the first piebald wire dachshunds. It was very difficult because the quality of all piebalds at that time was very bad- it took alot of time and money and energy to get a good healthy and lovely piebald dachshund. I do have more information on this subject and will put some links here so you can read more about it. 
  Most of my dogs carry the gene- I don't apologize to those who may not like the gene- they can buy somewhere else. But i have continued to breed for the gene and hope that DCA , who I am a member of will become more enlightened and put the pattern in the standard. After all color is only skin deep!
  I have written several papers on the topic of piebalds- one is called "THE S-SPOTTING GENE"-explaining the genetics behind the whole gene and the other paper is "A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME" and this explains my breeding program. You can order these's from The National Miniature Club NMDCA or The Dachshund Club OF AMerica websites. Limited breeding program. Limited papers given on pets. 
this website is under construction - the pedigree links may not work to your satisfaction. I just ordered new pedigrees from AKC on
Am FCI Costa Rican Mexican Ch Dominos Daisy MW 
(out of Dual ch Piece of the Rock MWcp
Dominos Song of Sophia MW 
(out of LUCY MWcp) handled by Avind
DeBraganca in Florida. 
ABS CH Ace's Dominos Preacher Man MW -working on his TD title and CD - 
CH Ace's Dominos Angelie Jolie MW         (right) 4pt major
 out of Rusty/Cassandra - full Lucy Brother. 
Nancy Cook in Utah of Aces kennel 
Dominos Dot To Dot MWP ROM owned by Brownwood Kennels
(Atlanta area) bred by Dominos produced 4 champions
Ch Brownwoods Top This MS ROMX 
Dominos and the Brownwood kennel were very proud. ROMX is 8 champion get.
​Top This Romx went on to produce 
Ch Brownwoods Assault of Stone Valley MW - a beautiful wire kennel who's sire was from a Top Dutch kennel